Sometimes you have to jump right in … and sometimes you have to let go…

It has been months since I set up this blog and wrote my first post.  Since then, I have been over thinking my blog, worrying about all sorts of details, but not doing the one thing that was needed — to just do it and learn by doing.  I have been reading and hearing this week that September is a very common time for re-starting, setting resolutions, etc.  With a fresh school year starting it almost has more of a “try again” / “start anew” feel than January.  So, I decided that despite not feeling completely ready, I was going to start posting in September — sometimes you have to jump right in…

Why today you ask?  Why not Monday, or Tuesday, or yesterday?  Because this morning was about transition and a new stage of life. For the first time in 28 years, my husband and I are not responsible for driving a child to and from daycare or school, practices, games, social activities, etc.  This morning our youngest child drove himself to school.


Forgive the darkness — it is a rule that he leaves by 6:30 am to avoid the rush hour traffic into the city….


I resisted the urge to follow him to school — sometimes you have to let go….