Sometimes you have to jump right in … and sometimes you have to let go…

It has been months since I set up this blog and wrote my first post.  Since then, I have been over thinking my blog, worrying about all sorts of details, but not doing the one thing that was needed — to just do it and learn by doing.  I have been reading and hearing this week that September is a very common time for re-starting, setting resolutions, etc.  With a fresh school year starting it almost has more of a “try again” / “start anew” feel than January.  So, I decided that despite not feeling completely ready, I was going to start posting in September — sometimes you have to jump right in…

Why today you ask?  Why not Monday, or Tuesday, or yesterday?  Because this morning was about transition and a new stage of life. For the first time in 28 years, my husband and I are not responsible for driving a child to and from daycare or school, practices, games, social activities, etc.  This morning our youngest child drove himself to school.


Forgive the darkness — it is a rule that he leaves by 6:30 am to avoid the rush hour traffic into the city….


I resisted the urge to follow him to school — sometimes you have to let go….



Should I be more friend than mom….


A few years ago, Reba McEntire released an album “Keep on Loving You” that included a couple of songs that really spoke to me. I was approaching a milestone birthday, and the rhythm and purpose of my days were changing around me, or I wanted them to change. One song – Eight Crazy Hours – was especially poignant; the first part of its chorus is the spirit behind this blog:

Oh, should I be more carefree, Should I be more sexy, Should I be more friend than mom

Carefree spoke to me about stress and balance, making more time for fun, friends, and favorite things, creating a “being” where my spirit was lighter and more relaxed.

Sexy spoke to me about health and fitness, embracing the changes that come with growing older, and taking the time to do the right things so that my inside and my outside reflect a crisp freshness that I associate with being “in shape”, “feeling right”, and “looking good”.

Being more friend than mom was the capstone. In five words it drew a picture of the transition that comes for every mother, when your interactions with your children is less about car pools, homework, and curfews, but more about life choices, careers, and raising families of their own. There is also a transition with your husband, because time can be focused on just the two of you, and what lies in the path ahead of you as a couple, when the raising of children is no longer a full time activity.

I have always been tempted to write a blog, and when 2014 started, I decide to hesitate no longer. My themes will be about the things that interest me, such as quilting and cooking; I will report progress on lightening my spirit in many aspects of my life, and share reflections on the fun and rewarding parts of being “more friend than mom”.

I hope you will find something that interests you or that you can relate to.  Either way, thank you for taking a minute to read this, my first post.